What political activity is allowed whilst serving?

I'd be grateful if anyone could clarify exactly what a serving soldier is allowed or not allowed to do politically. I had a browse through orders a couple of months ago, and I am fairly certain that most political activity is allowed, as long as you 1. don't wear uniform, 2. are not a member of a political party and 3. the fact that you are serving is not mentioned, but may be acknowledged.

I'm precocious enough to fancy myself as a politician and I now need to start getting involved in local and national politics. So, if my interpretation is correct, I am allowed to campaign (door to door, in hustings etc) on behalf of a friend who is a parliamentary candidate. I am also allowed to attend political party events, like debates, speeches and conferences as long as I am not a member. Am I right?

On a related note, as I try to build up some worthy additions to my CV and fulfill my altruistic desires, are there any problems with applying to be a charity trustee, or a governor of a school?

Thank you in advance!
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It's all in QRs:

a. Regular Service personnel are not to take any active part in the affairs of any political organisation,
party or movement. They are not to participate in political marches or demonstrations.
b. No restriction is to be placed upon the attendance at political meetings of such personnel provided
that uniform is not worn, Service duties are not impeded, and no action is taken which would bring
the Service into disrepute.
c. (Army only. TA Personnel are governed in their political activities by TA Regs Chapter 3 Part 8)

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