what Podcasts do you recommend?

First I should point out that this isn't the first thread on this topic:
what Podcasts do you recommend?
What podcast/audiobook are you listening to?
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If you like science explained in simple terms and that sort of thing, Quirks and Quarks is very good. They cover 4 or 5 topics each week relating to topical scientific stories on any thing from nature to astronomy. It's a podcast version of a long running CBC Radio program.

They package it two different ways. One is as the full 55 minute program in one MP3. The other is split into separate 5 to 15 minute segments as separate MP3 files. I would recommend the segment version, as it makes it easy to skip on to the next one if you decide the current segment is something that doesn't interest you.

Podcasts | Quirks & Quarks | cbc.ca Podcasts | CBC Radio
Podcasts | Quirks & Quarks - Segments | cbc.ca Podcasts | CBC Radio

They only seem to keep the most recent 5 or 6 months available for download, so it's probably worth getting whatever is listed now in one go for later listening if you decide you like it. Since it's a radio show, they follow a regular broadcast season schedule and will be off for the summer.

Here's the RSS feed for the segments. It's probably the easiest way to follow the show, although the RSS feed doesn't list the shows as far back the web page.
The History of Rome, Mike Duncan.
The History of Rome
Excellent. Small chunks of 20 - 40 minutes covering the birth to the fall of Rome (the Western Empire).
Just finished all 178 episodes.
Just starting on his Revolutions podcasts.
If you've Spotify or iTunes, his podcasts are on there too. FREE!
I've been listening to a fair few of the Joe Rogan ones. He can stray into Bro-science a bit but does have some good guests.
Yes he does tend to crap on a bit but it is the guests he has.

Still if we get bored there are always the towering BBC approved intellects available on the Jeremy Vine shitshow..


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Steve Wright in the Afternoon, 'Serious Jocking' - no g. Fascinating, cultural and very classy. A must-have for any collection.:cool:

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