What people do to there pets

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sabre, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. I have just been inspired to start a thread on this , as from looking in the Gallery, there is a nutjob who has dressed her cat up with Bunnie ears of all things!!
    This got me to thinking about all those whack jobs who dress there pets up, even marry a cat and dog together FFS.

    In america they even have cemeterys for there beloved pet to go to be burnt where they pay a huge amount of cash to do!!
    whats wrong with burying it in there back yard or flushing it down the toilet i have no idea.

    I challenge people of arrse to try and find the worst pet that has been humilated by being dressed up in things such as a superman costume etc... and not the one used for porn either!!

    Or even an explantaion of why these people actually treat an animal in such a a manner!!
    Here are some examples!!

    Its just so wrong!!
  2. There's nothing new about dogs wearing dresses.

    Ask Baby_Blue and her lezzer mates.
  3. I once got my springer pissed on vodka and milk, funniest thing ever.
  4. I once got p1ssed on vodka and coke, it was a hoot

    Fish-head wrote:
    You only got the dog p1ssed so you could put leggings and a nurses' outfit on it and have you dirty way with the poor hound :wink:
  5. Not true at all, I used to put marmite on my knob and he'd lick it off like MDN at Cait's hoop.

    It's a good plan, normally I get your misses to lick it clean after though. Is she free today?
  6. She is always free but only to lick your mrs anal contents of my c0ck
  7. Bitch always charges me!
  8. I'll have a word with her cause I ain't seen any of the dosh!
  9. Mine did that for a while, 240v up her soon sorted it mate.
  10. what about you and your Para mates getting dressed up in pink Tutus for the annual mess do :lol:
  11. Some of those cats are fcuking massive! Funny site none the less :D

  12. This is just wrong, so wrong


  13. says the guy with the huge penguin in his sig!!!