What PDA??

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Zorro, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, looking to invest in a PDA (IPAQ thingy) to do email, web browsing and to use as a SAT Nav, but not sure what to get?

    Can't seem to be able to find a definative guide on what would be best. Got a budget of about £250.

    Any help would be appreciated

    Oh and if you know of any good deals in the Jan sales please point me in the right direction! :)

  2. not technically a PDA, but i'm using an MDA Compact 2 at the minute. it's basically HTC Wizard, but it does everything you're after, and a little more. Take it on contract from T-mobile and with SatNav (Co-Pilot) it's gratis on the Flext 35 Tariff and above. if you spunk alot on phonecalls (UK landline and any uk mobile), SMS and MMS every month (£180) then it's worth considering.
  3. I just went and got one of those TMobile MDA Vario II thingies on the Flext35 tariff with Web'n'walk and it's pretty damn cool. It's got wifi (802.11b/g) built-in and unlimited web browsing via 3G or GPRS. I've installed Skype (Pocket PC version, even though you're not supposed to) so I can chat to the family for free when I'm away. A person-who-cannot-be-named is going to square me away with a (ahem....) copy of Tomtom as well, so it's a free Satnav too. It has a slide out qwerty keyboard and so it's a tiny bit bulkier than the new MDA Compact III but it depends whether the keyboard is useful to you.

    I had to pay £40-ish for the handset and it's £30-ish per month for 6 months then it goes up by a fiver. We'll see how it goes though, but I like it so far. By the way, the Vario II is also called the HTC Hermes and Orange and Vodafone have given it their own names too.
  4. I looked at the Vario, it's pretty cool. if u want the keyboard, it's a good choice. I went with the MDA Compact II in part due to it's high connectivity (IrDa, Bluetooth, USB, SD Card and WiFi 802.11g/b with the AKU2 ROM upgrade) and also it's large support network. www.htcwizardweb.com is a very useful bookmark if you do go with the MDA Compact II. might be worth a look for any PPC tho.

    with t-mobile it works out for me as £39/month after VAT on flext 35 (go direct= £30/month) with unlimited GPRS usage with web'n'walk (£7.50/month). it's an 18-month minimum term contract with allowed 12-month upgrades and allowed tariff downgrades every 6 months. funnily enough, they allow tariff upgrades as often as you like.

    hope this helps. (by the way, i'm using it for this atm)
  5. forgot to mention, but if you do install skype, instant messengers, etc and t-mobile collar you, they may terminate your contract. in doing this, the handset becomes yours, and using a tool found on www.htcwizardweb.com you can easily unlock the handset free and quickly and use it on any network...

    I, of course, do not advocate any behaviour which comprises of anything that could be deemed breach of contract.
  6. In the same vein, I'm considering a Loox (don't know what number yet) as I want a true PDA but with satnav capability both for car and as a hand-held. The blurb suggests that this will be fulfilled, but doesn't describe the extent of the mapping nor it's detail. Any comments from the knowledgeable ones? Budget would be around £350, but I'd like this to include any useful accessories.
  7. well the satnav I use is Co-Pilot on my PPC. it uses a BT receiver to track you location and has car and walking facilities. the mapping is up to date and the voice directions are good. the onscreen directions are pretty good as well. i'd give it a deserving 8/10
  8. I'm not so sure they'd let the customer keep the phone, however I'll read the small print. Just as well they didn't put anything in about wardriving. :twisted: Cheers!
  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs


    This is what I bought along with a BT foldable Keyboard and Mouse. Use it to check email via its wifi connection and its a damn site lighter/smaller than my laptop!!!!

    ...be careful tho, with HP unless you have the extended warranty you can only have it serviced in its region of purchase. A right pain when mine went wrong as I had to send it to our US office and back again. Luckily enough Americans are extraordinarily helpful...
  10. Following Zorro's suggestion, I've just bought this: http://www.handtec.co.uk/product.php?xProd=534&xSec=29

    Probably the overriding reason was that the software is supposed to cover door-to-door throughout most of Europe, rather than just main roads, and with the software and PDA being from the same manufacturer, there shouldn't be a compatibility issue.

    Should be delivered tomorrow - hope so, I need it tomorrow afternoon!
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    GPS receiver built in is a great for what you need, saves you mucking about with CF 'gizmos'...
  12. It does it all....

    Looks good too...

    All features you want and then some...

    bl**dy expensive though...

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  13. How about this for value?

    Built in GPS receiver and at £175 well within your budget.
  14. I have a low end IPAQ which has sustained a screen injury. I have looked at the repair websites but the cost of replacing the screen and the battery (which is close to the end of its life) would be very close to the cost of a new one. So, I was planning to buy one of the lower end HP Ipaqs instead - and the advice above has been useful - thank you.

    However, I bought a PDA magazine yesterday and one of the contributors reckons that my backup cannot be transferred to a different Ipaq! Does anyone know if that is true? The OS is Pocket PC 2003, I think.