What PDA? Help required


If some of the IT gurus out there could help, I need a PDA for work, mainly for reading pdf files (some of them quite large). and searching them in a short time scale. A smaller need would be for Word and Excel documents. Also, it will need to be fairly tough.

Any suggestions about models, or what to look for would be greatly appreciated. It's a field I know little about.

Thanks :D
I use a HP IPAQ as the screens are reasonably large.

To be honest, if your using it mainly to read documents I would suggest that screen size is important as is ease of use and storage space.

All these requirements would suggest that you need a small laptop rather than a large PDA.

It would probably be cheaper as well.
Get an Imate JAM. PDA, mobile phone and you can put Tom Tom on it.

Oh yeah and you can buy one off me if you like :D
I would seriously consider a smaller tablet or laptop instead of a handheld. It'll just be less frustrating the end.

I use HP iPAQ as well. It has excell and word on it already. If you're looking for industrial strength type pda look at http://www.symbol.com/ .

However, I would recommend one of those small toshiba toughbooks. I don't know the model off hand but it's about a 10 inch screen with a strap on the bottom so you can hold it in one hand. I can find out later if that's something you're interested in.

It's basically a small laptop and doesn't get the restrictions a handheld would have.
Thanks for the advice guys. I need to carry it on me walking up and down through trains, so the small laptop idea (though it has other attractions) is not really feasible.

The idea behind it is I currently have to carry a few folders worth of rulebooks and maps "just in case" and the bag weighs a ton lugging it on and off trains. I was thinking a PDA would be lighter, and it would probably pay for itself with what I'd save on chiropractors bills!
DesktopCommando said:
I'm currently using an Xda Orbit on Arrse at the moment :)

try www.o2.co.uk

and have look

Arrse pda mode is quite good
Ditto - have got one too. Good bit of kit as a PDA or SatNav. Make sure you get it with CoPilot free.

Fucking pile of pants to actually use as a phone though - unless you save voicedials for all your numbers. Not to mention the fact that battery life isn't great either.

Soon as I get a chance I think I am going to move on to the Nokia E90 Communicator, which O2 have just started doing.

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