What other magazines has anyone fitted to 7.62 Enfields?

I have some 7.62 Enfield Conversions.

They need magazines.

The correct ten round 7.62 mag is in short supply.

What other mags have been used and with what degree of success?
Odd that you should post this as I have been thinking along these lines myself.
I think I have seen an SLR mag on an Enfield at a Bisley arms fair, but cannot be certain that was what I saw.
It may have been done by http://www.thamesvalleyguns.co.uk/ I think if anybody know it will be No4(T).

Edited to add I have just emailed them to see what they say.
I just tried offering up an L96 mag. Looks quite promising but would need some minor alterations to the "mag well" and perhaps an insert in front of the trigger guard, plus an extended mag catch.


You can make most mags fit, its the amount of make thats needed which causes the problem
There are only three types of mag that will fit without enormous amounts of work: the Enfield mag (and its Charnwood copy) which requires some milling of the underside of the boltway in order to fit; the Sterling magazine, and the Ishapore 2A1 magazine.

The 2A1 mag resembles a cut-down SLR mag, but in fact its a different shape altogether.

The Ishapore is slightly easier to obtain - they are still available from some of the US spares dealers like Numrich.

The 2A1 and Charnwood mags will usually go straight onto a No4 action without any fitting. Whilst the Enfield mag has an ejector tab attached to the rear lip (which is why the action has to be milled to position it correctly), the Sterling and 2A1 mags rely on a special ejector on the rifle itself. In practice, most Enfields eject empty cases by friction contact with the receiver sidewall, so its often not necessary to do the ejector conversion.

Armalon also does Enfield magazine conversions:

- AL42: takes .223 Mini-14 magazines.
- PC Carbine: .30 uses M1 carbine mags, 9mm uses Tangfolio, .357 and .44 use Desert Eagle mags.

A fair amount of smithing is required for these to work, so they are quite pricey. Also, I imagine that I can hear 4(T)'s teeth grinding over the 'butchery' done to mint No4 Mk2s!
The SLR magazine is apparently too wide to be converted, so it looks as if
4(T) has the answer with the Ishapore mag, are these 10 or 12 capacity?
Now do I spend the afternoon fannying around with rifles and magazines or do I get some housework done.....
EX_STAB said:
Now do I spend the afternoon fannying around with rifles and magazines or do I get some housework done.....
It's funny you should ask that, Mrs Tombs has just given me a look that says "you need to get your early potatoes in the ground!
There was a Gun Shop in Norfolk who used to do the SLR Mag conversion back in the 80's. They used to charge £250 for the job, incl a few mags. Can't for the life of me think of their name but it did work.
I don't think its practical or even possible to fit an SLR mag to a No1/No4 action: the magazine well sides taper inwards and are in fact narrower than the front of the SLR mag. You'd either have to heat and reforge the forward part of the receiver, or cut it all away and re-fabricate the receiver sidewalls. Once you've done that you'll have to then cut away the underside of the boltway to accommodate the top of the SLR magazine (which is flat, unlike the tabs on top of an Enfield magazine) in order for the bolt to pick up the rounds. The result of all this is a weakened chop job that is verrry unlikely to pass Proof, and even more unlikely to find someone willing to pull the trigger....!

SLR mag conversions can be done on a P14/M17 action - albeit with a great deal of fiddly adjustment to solve the feed problem - since the mag well is parallel to allow for the Mauser-type bolthead to fit into the barrel extension. I do know a 'smith who currently does these, but he is reluctant to do many because of the man-hours he wastes trying to get them to work.
They definitely did them. I nearly got an Enforcer done due to the lack of Enfield mags but found some Stirling ones so didn't bother. I have seen one at a Practical Rifle shoot in the mid 90's too.

I can't for the life of me remember the name.

Oh Well
On another note Peter Sarony welded up some Enfield 20 Rd 7·62 magazines a few years back, I have yet to see one but know a LERA member who has one.
As far I know they mod'd both.

Have remembered who it was and they are still going.

A.R Buckland Gun Dealers & Gunsmiths

Tel: 01508 493177| The Workshops, Mill Loke, Stoke Holy Cross, Norwich, Norfolk NR14 8PA
Gunsmithing & Armourers Antique & Obsolete Firearms Pre-Charged Air-Rifles Cylinders, Testing & Air Repairs. Services. Accessories Callers By Appt Tues- Sat

Give them a ring

Or you could just buy one of the newly made AIA Lee Enfields which take an M14 magazine. I think it was Guy Savage that was importing these.

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