what ops is the british army best suited

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armoured_farmer, May 19, 2003.

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  1. After so many cutbacks and different operations going on all over the world. which type of operations best suit the british army at the moment? :-/
  2. sitting on the sofa ops is what they deserve.
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  3. Op Henhouse

    ...turning Westminster into the world's most historically enriched beaten zone...... :mad:
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  4. Id say we are pretty well suited to messy drinking binges resulting in either a lift home in police car, or waking up the next morning with some one with a face like a Lurgan spade!  We seem to get enough practice!
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  5. home defence first, second and last  :mad:
  6. Theres not enough sunshine in home defence, I say we defend Florida for the yanks, Kenya - but only coastal part and any other nice sunny places.
    We can leave home defence to the TA :)
  7. We could defend the church - (drinking venue in kings cross london on sunday lunchtimes) half the British Army seems to be there anyhow!
  8. According to the press, we're not suitable for anything.

    IMHO, we can be good at anything - just need the political willpower (i.e. beer coupons) to make it happen.

    Nowt's going to change though - the politicians will use the forces for anything that they think will make them look good.
  9. Asbsolutely, I think we should defend the holiday homes of British subjects, so that's Bermuda, Jamaica, Monserrat, St. kitts and ......... Wales
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  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Army, most things as long as they're not too big.
    RAF, Anything that doesn't require more than 3 Sqns.
    Navy, Anything that doesn't actually involve projecting power or getting anywhere quickly?
  11. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

  12. That is a very easy question to answer.

    America's Arrse licking of a pet poodle side kick of course, who will do anything to please the American government so we can have the desperately needed "Special Relationship Status"

    Funny thing is that come the day that we need the Americans , they will then tell us where to go!

    All this egg on face ....... courtesy of The British Government.

    The United States is NOT really our friend when it concerns their interests.
  13. err Proffing?
  14. The last one, of course.
  15. It's amusing thinking back to 2003 and thinking 'complaining about under-funding and massive cutting THEN?' Anyone got the thread from 1945 where Tropper was whingeing about the SDSR meaning that we would only be keeping enough forces to fight a world war as part of a coalition and the the RAF wouldn't have the capacity to drop the entire airborne corps into one place?