What OP Tours are currently available?

I am a TA INF soldier and am thinking of going on an OP Tour. Could someone please tell me what tours are currently available and possibly their start date. I have already done several tours in NI as a reg and am looking for somthig different. Any help would be appreciated.
Let me see, Iraq, Iraq and oh, Iraq! Almost all the British Armys there, come along and bring your suntan lotion, fly spray and a dose of ciprofloxacin would be advisable too :wink:
probably a sanger with your name on it for telic 5 moblisation date oct ish
see your psi for more details dont let his laughter put you off :lol:
No more "full commitment" FTRS's this year it says...after all why get volunteers to go when you can spam somebody instead...but there a couiple of posts for mil guards at Deepcut 8O
We had a signal las night about 6 months in Bosnia with the Gren Guards.

Not sure how widely they sent it, or who they need, as I didnt take much notice.

Speak to your PSI/ PSAO for info about the latest openings with Bush Blair travel
If you don't want to go through your unit at this stage try telephoning the RTMC at Chilwell. They should have details of all mobilisations.

For FTRS (12 months or longer) the Army / MoD web site still shows the May lists. The latest posts available are in a letter dated 2nd June from APC Glasgow:

or telephone Glasgow on 0141 224 8740 but they usually tell you to go to your unit.

The details on the RTMC web site were never particularly up to date but at the moment the pages seem to be not loading at all! For reference the home page is at

Good luck!

Ask the SpSi , and tell him you want something interesting. You'd be amazed what pops up on those bits of paper you ignore on the notice board in the TAC.

Mind you, I'm still stagging on for that trawl for Ex. Red Stripe :D

...very true, there always used to be lots of requests for 'assistance' ranging from 2 or 3 weeks with the ACF to the whole summer in Batus.
Posted in several places on the MoD and Army web sites so 'in the public domain'....

"Following a review of FTRS by the Executive Committee of the Army Board on 12 September 2003, very few FTRS (Full Commitment) appointments will be offered for the remainder of this financial year. This severe restriction will be kept under constant review and any changes will be notified as soon as possible. There are much reduced opportunities to serve on FTRS (Limited Commitment) and FTRS (Home Commitment)"

.....The 'bean counters' simply ran out of money!
I know several officers that have completed 3 year FTRS contracts and they have been told that there is now little or no money for FTRS, but that also there are no longer the number of vacancies existing in the Regular Army compared to four or five years ago when FTRS hit its peak....at least that's what I've been told!
Thanks for that.

I pity the foo' that relied on FTRS for continual employment.

Serves them right for blowing all their dosh on calling up expensive TA bods rather than cheapo FTRS hired help.

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