what on earth????

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by sniperwolf666, Sep 22, 2003.

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  1. monkey nuts
  2. more monkeynuts
  3. When I first started reading yor post I was delighted at having a new marmite miner to taunt...

    When you revealed that you were a woman I got a real boner :D

    Please have as many lesbo flings as you want to, hell you can even come to my house and clam joust in my lounge.

    I have a couple of questions for you

    1. Are you a tasty lesbo or a pierced corocafrog

    2. when did you last eat sushi from the Barbers shop floor.

    3. Did you tape it

    If anyone mocks you here for being a magnus pike, tell em you have a donut luvvin voucher and they will leave you alone. now then hows about a piccy of you and your fellow 'tunatown councillers' getting down to the nitty gritty and rug muching
  4. noone is going to hate you for being a carpet licker, in fact quite the opposite...

    Should you need looking after, thats a role I can fulfil, my only fee would be a live show and a 10% cut off the takings from the door. 8)

    Just out of curiosity, do you wear stockings heels and sussies when snoggin other chicks
  5. MMMmm, I was just about to start typing 'shut up you whinging poof', then I spotted your a woman. The very thought of you joining up and enjoying lots and lots of lezzie sessions in bed, the shower, back of the 30m range fills me with excitement. Please comment on your last time with a woman and what you got up to on this site. Please............... :twisted: :wink:
  6. Dearest Sniperwolf666

    Like you I think I may well be a lover the fur burger and thrupney bits, I love women, always have, and always will.

    Never have I been made unwelcome on this site for my sexual orientation, which shows what a caring, sharing, tree huggin' kind of a place ARRSE is.

    Yours in Doc Martin Shoes, Dungarees and hairy arm pits


    PS. Please feel free to PM me your most intimate lesbo fantasies.

    PSS I think MDN is 'one of us' as well
  7. Sniperwolf, hope now you can see that its just the uphill gardeners that we dislike..

    You have had a nice warm welcome and home you now feel at home.. fell free to tell us about showering with another girl or drinking from the bearded beaker

  8. If you're a 'lipstick lesbian', please feel free to join up :D
    If, however, you are an ugly warthog with a face like a welders bench, please consider another career.
    The AGC has sadly filled it's quota on crocadillapigs :(

    Got any 'intimate' photos????
  9. Dearest Sniperwolf666

    Arkanstigger was being particularly non-PC there - If you do match the above criteria you may well want to join RAVC, they might want an ugly warthog to experiment on, or REME as a welder's bench (they are crying out for them).

    Alternatively might I suggest The Really Large Corps - If you look on the Army Careers website I do believe that they have a set quota every year of short, fat, hairy, wimmin Tank Transporter Drivers for whom skinhead hair cuts and coveralls are a fashion statement .

  10. yet more monkeynuts
  11. Laughing at Toms pretending to be chicks. Get a fuckin' life.
  12. Found the rug muncher then, but it would appear to be more of a "cock tucker" than a bearded clam jouster :D
  13. Having lots of dirty sex with the locals, drinking lots and lots of beer and a social life that's second to none. Apart from that, it's shiite.