What on earth?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Proximo, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

    People will talk... ;)
  2. You have found a gem here sonny!!! I have just curled one out!

    But i dont think its the mitchell brothers. I think its 'Henno' showing his younger fatter brother what he gets up to in the SAS. "Well me and the boys are nails. We dont fight with just with role mats like them RM Fannies. We strip off and and get down to some serious Jap slapping, Alwight Geez???"

    Superb Find!
  3. Perhaps they are in training in case either of them get another slapping form their girlfriends?

    Top find D_D.
  4. love it!!!
  5. just watched vid haven't laughed so much in ages almost fell of me chair :lol:
  6. Who reckons they could have henno in a genuine ten past two p1ssed up brawl. I reckon he's a big fanny who did drama at college!
  7. haven't we all done it? except for the bit about mom appearing?
  8. I can see the Scum headline tomorrow:

    "SAS Hero Henno Assaults Embassies For The Other Side!!!!!!!!!"
  9. 8O No
  10. Explanation is that they are a couple of w*nkers
  11. Humph! Have I missed a classic piece of entertainment?
  12. darth that was all the rage down "pops & eddies" in '75 and that was just 29 coy WRAC doing the "dance" looking for new bitches :lol: apparently anyway...
  13. Phils Vest! No wonder he used to be such a hit with the ladies! I bumped into him in a club a few years ago, had to tell him to sling his hook when he cracked on to my missus!
  14. The only really guaranteed instant execution I can think of would be decapitation, so putfile may aswell block the states from the USA since electric chair et injection can take quite a few agonising minutes to kill. Back to thread.

    I have no idea what those two are on, but I have a feeling it will haunt me for a while.
  15. Grant and Phil prancing around like a pair of sugar plum fairies, wot ever next

    Bloo#y funny though. lol lol