What on earth would the Crabs want with a Big Bag?

Am I hearing this correctly?

The RAF are getting a Rucksack! ... 8O ....... not just any old Rucksack but a RAF Rucksack!

Now call me "a tiny little fellow living under a log" but what exactly would the Crabs do with a Rucksack?


Lik everyone else they could use the rucksack to carry stuff they dont want to hold all the time. :)

Sarcasm of.

Why the Crabs so special whats wrong with the normal issue one. 8O

From what I can work out the user requirement is close to this:

It has been specially designed to help you get through the "crew" lane at Dulles immigration at top speed.

although it needs to able to cope with more challenging environments, like crossing all the way from Terminal A to Terminal E at Miami during those "unscheduled" AOG incidences en-route to Belize.

( their equivalent of the "fan dance" ) 8O
Do you have a link to this, as no-one at the RAF unit where I am has heard of it - and of course everyone will want one if they are any good.

Will this be any different to the way the Army and RN used to be issued suitcases, whilst the RAF just got a holdall?

I remember when the RAF were first routinely issued with combat clothing in the eighties. We were given a Big Bag for it all - it was black, made of plastic and came on a roll!
ViriBono: Try SNIPS I am sure I saw it mentioned in there.

Waste of money in my book

It get even better........DZ patches (Maroon and Blue) for all the Crabs to go on their C95.

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