What % of recruits do you think actually train for ADSC?


Well, I'm off to basic tomorrow and I feel sooo nervous.

I was thinking back to when I passed ADSC, and what caught my attention was that some lads were super fit, but others were lucky to pass through. Some were even smoking before, during and after the 1.5 mile run. A lot of them claimed to have times under 9 mins, but came in much higher.

This got me thinking.

What percentage of recruits going to ADSC do you think have actually trained for it?
Do most potential recruits just end up doing the bare minimum?
What do the training Cpls really think of these types of recruits?

Please, don't be shy, let us know what you think :p
They are all common sense answers if you think them through, but I imagine because you're so nervous you are asking all these questions.

Just get stuck in never mind what the other lads are doing. You're trying to find out what the average is so you can fit in, but really you should be concentrating on yourself, the standard set, and how much you can improve on it. Simple.

Best of luck!
let me think. hmmm how many people lie through their teeth..

mate just knuckle down, screw the nut, dont worry an internet forum isnt going to turn you into rocky balboa by tomorow so just relax, enjoy your last day at home and glue some hairs on your chest (seen the pic)

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