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what now

passed recruit selection the beginning of this week, Thursday got a call confirming the date of the start of basic training (5th dec), what do I do now fitness wise, only thing the pti at glencorse said was don't go home eat pies & get fat
I passed RSC Glencourse last week, so missed you by almost a week. I gather you got the booklet with your pass certificate. If you have, then its recommended you simply follow the training programme in there. I think as long as you can maintain your fitness, you'll be fine. Obviously, you want to keep an eye of your diet, too, so don't go out drinking and eating donners every night :lol:

What corps are you heading for and where is your basic training taking place?

Myself, I'm off in to the Royal Signals, so I'll be at ATR Lichfield. My basic starts November 21st.
ANDY, if you do as Ayrey says, you should have no problems. However, my own personal advice as an ex-RAMC CMT would be to step up your training a notch so that when you show up for basic, you'll be slightly fitter than when you passed your RSC. There'll be enough things to worry about in the first few weeks as it is, and you don't want your fitness to be one of them.


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