what now?

just had a phone call to let me know ive been defferd till january, i really am gutted :cry:

i dont know what its for yet so not sure if im appealing, but as im leaving school in a few weeks, what the hell can i do?

i cant join college, and have numerous ammounts of months to wait, 2009 is gunna be very boring i think :cry:
Well when you've found out why you've been deferred you can then assess the situation and see if an appeal is a viable option. If not then I suppose you're just gona have to wait. If you can appeal gather all the information necessary and get appealing..

Either way, it's a chance for you to work on your fitness =)
Well don't let it get to you just yet..stay focused on your goal and find out why you've been deferred. Is it medically? Or were you deferred at ADSC?
medicly, i think it was because of a head ache i got in 2007, on the medical form it said something about a migrane. My mothers fault, wish she had just let me get on with it, i said i was fine. :evil:
Well I'm no expert but I think you may be able to appeal that. Don't quote me on it though, someone who knows will comment on here at some point. A guy called 'fivetodo' is usually pretty good with information on here. After reading some of his comments I get the impression he works in an AFCO/ACIO. Just wait for someone else to comment with more definate answers..
by the way, do you think it would be worth getting my school,football manager etc... to write me a letter saying its not botherd me in years, or is that a waste of time?
Nah that would be a waste of time. If anything, it'll be medical staff that need to write a letter but you need to see if you can even appeal yet..
The regulations on headaches and migraine are pretty rigid to be honest and it is an area that only a doctor can look at.

However, the appeal system is in place to give people a chance to get a GP to support your case and this is what you need to do.

When the letter arrives you need to discuss it with your GP, bear in mind that the GP has countersigned your RG8 questionnaire so at this moment in time a GP has confirmed you have a medical complaint that is not condusive to military service.

It is a deferral, and the reason it is and not a rejection is because they allow a suitable period of time to elapse before taking a risk, if your GP supports you on an appeal and gives plenty of information then it will get a fair hearing.

It is unfortunate, but if the deferral stands, you need to be seen to have done something with your time whilst waiting, rather than just sitting around doing nothing, there are college courses you could go on and plenty of things that you could do to fill the time.

Lastly, half of the problems i find actually come as a result of the GP not putting enough information for the Senior Medical officer to read, if a problem is indicated where further information is needed more often than not we see GP's still failing to send a full report, the result is that the SMO will defer or reject rather than take a risk, often to the disappointment of the candidate.

This is where GP's have your potential career in their hands, and for the money they earn you would have thought they could fill a simple form in, the reality is half of them cant and even get their receptionists to do that for them ;)
bang on mate, the amount of money they're paid in general, (although very justified in most cases) they get £65 for every medical form and they forget they're messing with people's lives/careers!

I had been waiting nearly 3 weeks for my medical documents ringing nearly every day to ask what was happening, then when I went to pick them up, the recptionist told me they had been there for 2 weeks!
In actual fact it is £65 plus any expenses they wish to add on, i have seen one Doctor charge £117 for completing the forms and then ask for the same again when further information was needed :D

I have also seen GP's refuse to complete the form on the grounds that they dont support the Army, absolutely incredible when its someones job that could depend on it ;)

The system is being looked at and a change is in the process whereby it should cost a lot less money and the need for further information is dropped.
I haven't quite got my head around this - when I went to get my medical forms completed, I went for an appointment. It often seems on here as if the GP has never seen you, just gets your form because he is "your" GP. I would sit in his in tray while he filled it out.

As to what to do - do something. Loafing about waiting for any appeal, that wont get you in to Harrogate as you will probably still miss form up, wont be too good. get a job, do some sort of charity work or something worthwhile.

Drawing the dole and vegging on the sofa with a TV and X-Box does not a soldier make....
to anyone going to the doctors to fill a medical for, BOOK A DOUBLE APPOINTMENT! so you get 20 minutes with your GP he orshe can then fill the form in well you there thats what I did.
The best advice i can give is to make sure the doctor fills the sodding form in properly, far too many questionnaires get sent back where the even the doctor has missed things out, it only takes one thing to be missed and the ADSC will send it back asking for more information ;)
fivetodo said:
The best advice i can give is to make sure the doctor fills the sodding form in properly, far too many questionnaires get sent back where the even the doctor has missed things out, it only takes one thing to be missed and the ADSC will send it back asking for more information ;)
Have to agree normally tell my applicants to sit with the Doc whilst he does them!

Why you up so early?????? your on leave?

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