What now the Labour Party?

Naturally the focus is on the Conservative Party future leadership, amongst other issues they have.

But, the Labour Party, more than any other party, had backed Remain. Corbyn changed his colours to toe the party line. What future there?

Also, what happens in the Trade Unions, who largely urged their members to back Remain, yet whose members seem to have rejected their leaders.
Corbyn was utterly ineffectual in countering the shift of traditional Labour voters to be UKIP ones, and for making any case for other Labour members to Remain.

He should go.....


Cameron has been an honest dignified reaction from a gentleman who deserved a better ending.

Corbyn will cling onto power for as long aa he can, and will do all he can to avoid losing power, despite seemingly not wanting it. If he had any decency he'd accept his share of the blame and walk.
Corbyn should do the honourable thing and also resign, I concur with @jim30 and accept that the Labour party still has a long way to go before really understanding it's own supporters.

The political establishment have received a stark wake up call and along with the new EU relationship & reform UK politics from within.


I heard on the radio (albeit very fuzziliy), that there already have been calls from within the Labour party for him to resign.

The sooner he goes, the better for the party as a whole.


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Has anyone heard from Owen Jones? No doubt he'll be locked away with Jeremy trying to work out a way forward.
I don't see any real problem for him. He wasn't pro EU, he can argue his anti Tory position is even more important without the EU to temper the right.
Sorry, he quite unequivocally came out in support of remaining in the EU.
His own words were "about 70% remain", he also made a point of saying his reasons were different to CMD's (EU protects workers from Tories and business) so he would campaign apart.
So, to recap, he campaigned to remain in the EU.
Isn't this assuming that Corbyn's lack of activity was accidental or poor judgement? The Prime Minister has just resigned and there is the possibility of a General Election at a time when the Tory party is in disarray.

It may just be that the "leave" vote is good for (old) Labour and that Corbyn is a bit close to power.
Sorry, he quite unequivocally came out in support of remaining in the EU.
He toed a party line and manifesto commitment but anyone could see his heart wasn't in it at all. He knew this was the likely result. The only real loser has been Cameron and Osborn, whose every utterance has been toxic to their cause.

Corbyn will not be replaced by some slimy embittered Blairite. The Blairites have lost 2 GEs for Labour already

Boris Johnson to be PM? Never gonna happen. The Tories wont put another toff playing at politics in power after the Cam-borne project

Gove? May? They would have a torrid time opposite Corbyn. And neither are likely to attract any public or media support due to their lack of poise and charisma. Corbyn may not exactly be dripping with that either, but he is at least a WYSIWYG sort of guy and honesty seems to be his strongest point after 3 decades of Westminster sleaze.

Will there be a General Election this autumn? I dont think any party wants that right now.