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What now for the EU ?

The Italians and the Spaniards will be buying prawns and scallops from British boats, from British waters ?

What is zer probleme ?

The problem is access to another countries resources without paying them a penny.
Its absolutely despicable that this isn't allowed, after all doesn't everyone agree that's it's ok ? It's the sort of thing we did with Africa's gold, diamonds and oil in return for them being allowed to trade with us.

....I'll get me coat....


The big problem with that is that there are a growing number of people in the UK and in the world who have opposing opinions... But they don't sit here like me and take mindless ad hominem attacks each time a reasonable bit of information is presented. This is the way of Arrse...

On religion, one of my pet subjects and a great analogy, the EU is not an invisible figment of imagination. Observers can prove that the organisation actually exists and is vey successful. But the borderline cult of brexit cannot materialise any of their fears into reality.
They don't all give them out non-stop either. God, you're tedious.

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