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What now for the EU ?


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You are a most patient and benevolent moderator, if I was in your position I would have administered a therapeutic smiting with much malice aforethought...

I prefer to let people see exactly how repulsive an individual he is and how this site doesn't credit his lies with any kind of support.


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Getting a little better... Hey did you know that a jew called Bobby Fischer, one of the best chess players in history was a holocaust denier?

But you're not very good at chess so . . .

Ah, I get it . .

Of course.
Free will, the ability and opportunity to make choices based on whatever data you deem fit for purpose. The fact you chose the losing side and now feel it's OK to try to sabotage a legitimate result is your problem, no one else's, along with making you look a complete tool. The fact you feel it's OK in the first place highlights your utter lack of understanding of democratic outcomes.

Squeal for me some more, Ned.

You believe in free will? How cute.
Now look...If you are going to feed me against the wishes of your imaginary friends, at least provide something with some meat on the bones...
Every single word of your answer, probably written with a trembling lower lip, confirms me. You don't need to complain, you have brought all this on yourself. They really let you lead men?
But you're not very good at chess so . . .

Ah, I get it . .

Of course.
I played a retired dentist ages ago. his parents came from Poland during the war. He told me about Fischer... We were fairly evenly matched. His English wife could drink wine for Britain. Must give him a call after the lockdown.


Given this topic is the future of the EU, I’ll assume that the point Higgy is trying to make is that the EU will end up in another Holocaust, millions will die, and he’ll support and approve

Oh, and that a big boy made me type that.

On the plus side, we’re still out of the EU, and when the Wibbler-in-chief gets aroused and starts the “I told you so” release of his unfulfilled tensions, we can point out that he is just doing what he is programmed to do.
I read that a Welsh infantry unit confused listeners to their radio net in the Korean unpleasantness by conversing in Welsh.

There's tidy.
And in Bosnia as well.

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