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What now for the EU ?

Fishing is a domestic election issue, particularly with the FN seeking to build around Pas de Calais.

There are about 15,000 fishermen in France and only a fraction are concerned by the BREXIT negotiations. Even including families, it's not what will make or break Macron's bid.
Yes you are thinking of SHAPE, and also AFCENT who were there at the time.
AFCENT was in Camp Guynemer, now a Gendarmerie training school.
I went to that very same International School in short trousers and actually watched de Gaulle giving a speech in front of the palace, a big bloke with a big nose is all that I remember of that day off from school.
A day off is a day off though.
Out of interest, when were you at the school?
Love the song and respect it. I'm proud to have served with French and German friends... some of my credentials you may recognise

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