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What now for the EU ?

I always thought it was a 1980s solution for a 1950s attempt to solve the problems of the 19th century, using a political model that harked back to the prince-electors of the 13th century and with the ultimate aim of taking us back to the Roman hegemony of the 4th century.

But I‘m just a history lover with no expertise and (I suspect) a horrible habit of drawing comparisons that don’t really stack up to close scrutiny.

An alternative suggestion has been the recreation of the Holy Roman Empire.


The USA is a single state right?

Brexit is not all about self harm, our so called "friends" in Europe will be casualties too. Nothing good will come from the delusional hatred that brexiteers feed upon. Paranoia about sovereignty, from the narrow minded flag wavers who have no idea what the word means, because in an ever shrinking globe it can never survive. Even when Britain plunges into isolation we will still be bound by countless worldwide laws, regulations and standards. Our reputation destroyed by rogues and vandals... Forget a Canada deal... North Korea is our future model.
If I was playing “Continuity Remain Delusions Bingo” that one post would have just filled my card.
Before she was appointed ASF chair, Baroness Neville-Rolfe spent 15 years at Tesco where she was an executive director on the main board from 2006 to 2013.
So she would have known about Tesco's financial skulduggery that nearly sold it down the river. This country never ceases to amaze me.


Book Reviewer
It's ok, BL tells us Brexit ain't gonna happen, it's just a panto!

So the French think they have some god-given right to OUR waters, when they have extensive waters of their own?. Go fish in those waters. Oh, you've over-fished them to destruction?. Whose fault is that?.
How can you even type this with a straight face? Well, you have rapidly become my favourite poster on ARRSE. Fookin ell yer really are stoned.

More than anything, what it achieves, along with the deranged wibblings of BL and a few of the other pro remain poster bunnies, is the perception that the remain camp has a serious infestation of delusional, batcrap insane moonscreechery and denial.

As long as they're not allowed sharp objects and are supervised in the presence of rice pudding, they're probably quite harmless.
Actually the EU is in disagreement as to which time should remain, some want winter and some want summer time. Until they all agree nothing will happen, at least that is the gist of a TV report this evening.
They'll adopt some wierd middle way that screws everyone. Or not change at all for next two decades, paralysed in blue tape.
They'll adopt some wierd middle way that screws everyone. Or not change at all for next two decades, paralysed in blue tape.
You say this as if you're surprised!


Wise words from this woman are a blueprint for the future. IMF names Kristalina Georgieva as new head

Never has the saying...

‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’​

...been more significant.

This country led by idiots, appointed by morons and supported blindly by arrse vermin, have no idea why.
Oh sweetie, I hope you feel better after getting that nasty chunk of irony and hypocrisy off your chest.

I am now wondering if you’re French as (after incorrectly telling me off for going off-topic) you seem to have a similar “do as I say, not as I do” attitude as Macron. Macron has realised that, under “level playing field” rules, the UK could force him to stop unfairly subsidising French industries; he would have to do as he said.

Leaving the EU has now risked us gaining more powers over the French (and the rest of the EU) than we ever had inside the EU.

Inside the EU, we could do nothing about unfair subsidies. If Macron doesn’t back down, we will be able to either stop (or profit from) their unfair subsidising.

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