What now for the EU ?

Could you have imagined him in the Battle of Britain? Why are we trying to leave the Reich?
We weren't a member. You're consistent though, you never miss an opportunity to talk bollocks.
Round here it probably is. Most things are a lot better for me and 'er indoors living here. Brexit has caused mild disturbance to my total indifference.
Ditto for us too in France.
It wouldn't suit everyone but our life here fits us like a glove.
If the EU goes tits up France will still exist as a country, as will all of the other member states and everyone living there will carry on with life as before.
The EU really does not have any part in our lives here at all.
Our residence, health benefits and other rights all derive from the French state, nothing to do with Brussels or the EU whatever despite their claims otherwise.
The Euro going tits up would be more of a nause for us.
Not insurmountable though.
I remember going from the UK to Denmark by ferry and road and carrying back 6 different currencies on our return.
The ease of paying by French bank card for diesel in Germany or a ferry in Spain in € and getting cash out wherever and paying no charges is a pleasant surprise.
Getting €50 cash out of a Sparkasse hole in the wall and only being debited €50 with no fees is something unusual to my generation.
I don't see HSBC or NatWest doing it any time soon.
@Graculus when you feel down in the run up to 31st January, just hit play.
You'll feel much happier and energised.
Poor research by whoever did that clip. Aircraft are shown which were either no longer in service in the Battle of Britain or did not arrive until much later.
You xenophobic racist you! ;-)
She reminds me of the remainiacs who post in arrse, same 'arguments' etc.
I have read, with links, that food standards in the EU are virtually identical to the USA ones, other standards in the EU have mainly been based on UK ones i.e. medicines. ECHR, is based on what was written by British lawyers post WW2. It's curious that she thinks that the UK people want lower standards. Ah of course, big business can make more money for fat cat bosses, except in the free market it doesn't work like that, sell crap goods and people won't buy them (buy cheap, buy twice).
GDPR was written by the British (mostly) and will still apply after Brexit.
Interesting article:
That is if it even gets off the ground :D :D

European Commission Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans’ first big obstacle to turning Europe green is coming from the ranks of his own party.

A group of Socialist parliamentarians, most of them from Spain, is gearing up to resist key parts of the Commission’s Green Deal in order to protect farmers and fishermen from policies aimed at saving the oceans, cutting back pollution and making the EU's agricultural subsidies more environmentally friendly.
Donald turns the screws

Has Johnny Foreigner ever done anything for themselves? ;-)
As far as Brussels is concerned they are only interested in themselves, therefore they work only for their personal interests and f**k the voters.

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