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What now for the EU ?

Do you think calling the people who work in drug discovery egg heads and giving isolated examples of when they got it wrong adds to your credibility?

And why would I use or know the correct terminology? I said I had a bit of limited experience working at the pre-clinical stage with rats. But then I don't need credibility because I'm not the one calling all of the main players in the industry wrong.

BTW yes the study was called off, because of concerns about access to longitudinal data after we'd left.

You sound like someone who has hung around an industry, picked up a bit of terminology and now feel you are qualified to claim they are all wrong.

Remember - I don't need credibility in the field, because I'm convinced by the people who actually know what they are talking about.

Perhaps you can show your credibility by telling us all exactly which aspect of quality control you are involved in, and why all of the other agencies I provided links for - including one of the biggest scientific funders in the UK, are wrong.

Just need to quote this to pick apart later.
Good Lord man no. At best they may be allowed to be 'protectorates'.

Get with the program you crazy cat

Why? AFAIK they have nothing worth mining. Ship them to the commonwealth as slaves. I'll have four dozen tall, blonde German frauleins on back order please, and a gross of mixed tall blonde Dutch and Viking females, all between the ages of 24 and 35.

Make sure they're disinfected and dusted with flea powder before shipping.
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Nobody really knows what damage covid will have done to the political processes. Polling for instance, is usually very accurate when the political process is stable and can be very inaccurate, around long term effects, doubly so, as most political parties in europe support the EU and that continues to insulate the EU from direct scrutiny.

But I am also mindful that things can change very quickly, as it did with the conservative party in the UK.. The Treaty of Lisbon back in 2007, was the death knell for the EU in the united kingdom and it took ten years for the political process to catch up.

I would imagine, that covid is a death knell for the EU on the continent in many european citizens minds. So as a prediction, in say the next 10 years or so, the EU will lose another couple of member states as those states political process sniff the breeze and reluctantly accept that the political damage is simply not worth it anymore.


I’m sure this post sounded well good in your head.

BTW previously Truxx in his wisdom explained he had no idea how the EMA works, when arguing why we should get rid of it (he also called it a gravey train...) but now years late he’s still claiming to be an expert on medicines.
Feel free to show me the post that said what you said I said.

Show also any post at all where I make any sort of claim to being an expert on medicines.

Off you go. You must be able to because dispute my regular declarations you must have such quotes to hand

Or are you just piss and wind?


The blokes a bluffing fool. Just because he happened to walk past the ACIO once does not give him insight into military anything, especially logistics, anymore than knowing a friend of a friend of a friend who deals with logistics for a civilian company gives him insight to the various levels of the supply chain.
Well there you have it.

Supply chain

Completely different from logistics.
When the EU hits rock bottom we can generously offer them to join the British Empire.

( I may not be fully up to date with the news ) already has. It’s at odds with itself over law and order issues, it’s driven one member away, it’s practically bankrupt , it has no cohesive FP, it can’t even control it’s own migration policies- they’re driven from outside. Now these Syrians have arrived. Are we to assume Syrians are not inspired by Mutti Merkel’s generous terms and have plotted to come to Britain
Mea culpa. For some inexplicable reason the autocorrect decided that "tats" made more sense than "rats".

Corrected now.

No tats were harmed in making this correction.

I just wanted to get it quoted before the OP regained consciousness and started his customary "cold light of dawn/WTF did I say last night?" editing.

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