What now for the EU ?

Ref AZN ,There's reason to believe that the azn vaccines perfectly safe if administered correctly.
Intravenously it's bad news, i.e. sloppy injection procedure,
intramuscularly it's ok.
Poor Leo :) :)

For Ireland, the most awkward irony of Brexit may be that it’s just lost its closest ally in Europe.

In practice, despite our enormous differences, Ireland aligned itself with the United Kingdom on most of the everyday issues that the European Union dealt with,” Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar told a European Movement Ireland seminar attended by lawmakers from Britain and Germany.

Perhaps you should have thought of that before becoming the EU's mouthpiece.
Why in heavens name does she need a sticking plaster where she had he jab?
To cover up any marks left by the first and second Pfizer jabs she would have had many weeks ago perhaps?

No way am I buying that those lot waited their turn behind millions of plebs, remember the special vaccination center just for them to use?


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Great, one sentence and no back up/proof and shouldn't you be quoting in euros oh child of snow White and dopey
Silence, dog! OberGruppenFuhrer RumpelstiltsKunt speaks!


Do keep up to date and on topic.... Banks and insurers move £1 trillion of assets from UK to EU!

It might help if you understood why the money moved, and how many jobs followed it.

With regards the jobs moving: not many. 100 since last October. A total of 7,600 since the Brexit referendum.

Let's put that into context for your broken brain:
  • The UK financial sector employs 1.1 million people. Thus 7,600 = 0.69% over 4 years.
  • Nearly all the jobs moved to Europe have been junior to middle ranking jobs.
It's so small that it's almost too small to measure accurately. Still, probably all the fault of those pesky Jews eh?
Do keep up to date and on topic.... Banks and insurers move £1 trillion of assets from UK to EU!

Do you understand that the geographic domicile of the cash makes little to no difference, other than to conform with a set of governance rules? It does not affect the taxes paid against that cash, which remain in the jurisdiction within which that cash is managed, i.e. the UK.