What now for the EU ?

Ursula Undress is banging the from for the EU Army today and working with NATO.

Super at regulations - agreed.

Power - not so much.

Power, of which there is none, and never will be.
After a dalliance by the EU in the Ukraine a while ago by Little Miss Ashton, and we all saw what happened there, the current incarnation of the EU top politician gets his arrse handed to him by Vlad (again).
So far no invasions or annexations of territories have occurred, nor civvy airliners being shot down this time round.

The EU, making up sh1t decisions, policies but having a right little earner in the meantime whilst pretending to be a superpower.
An aspiring and notional superstate of 27 nations put back in their box, yet again, by a country with the GDP of Spain

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