What now for Germany?


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I don't think the average "new" German has the same affection for The Fatherland that the old 'uns had! Or was that Old Huns? :rolleyes:



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I do note that NATO came together rather quickly over this, if the EU had it's own forces, would they have been able to get up and running as quickly? It seems to me that EU NATO countries seem rather more enthused with NATO than the EU.

If the force was EU-generated, Germany would have a massive say and I doubt that any of the Scandinavian or Eastern European countries have much confidence in German resolve right now. The German elite has done an excellent job of prostituting the country and leaving it at the mercy of predatory forces, particularly Russian energy and Chinese export markets.
The EU has no need to as it apparently has prevented European wars from its inception..... (as if NATO never existed)
An EU army would have been up and running but defending the EU from exterior threats would not be its role.

For the greater good etc etc


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Germany continues to bankroll Putin's adventure into Ukraine.
Germany and gas.....Not and never was a happy combination.
Yet more national shame.
Incomprehensibly, the EU is now discussing yet another field of political integration: a defence union. But the big task it set itself 20 years ago remains (to put it politely) incomplete. Amongst other things agreed in the recent two-day EU summit was the need to press ahead with defence strategic procurement and coordinating capability. There is a ‘Strategic Compass’ plan for an ‘EU Rapid Deployment Capacity of up to 5,000 troops’ and much more besides.


And here is the girl with the compass.

Good. About ruddy time. I got sick of clueless meeja columnists saying how great she was.

She was an appalling Chancellor and her legacy for Germany includes the foolish decision to close nuclear power stations (solely to appease the equally clueless Greens). And the catastrophic decision to let in 1 million mostly socially unintegratable men of fighting age.

Perhaps the German public ought to reflect on how long they spent voting for someone as useless as her, long after her shortcomings had become clear.
‘Mutti’s’ shortcomings were glossed over because the western media was (is) in love with her. And she was revered by an equally fawning European political class.
I was never a fan of Mutti, especially for her throwing the doors open and giving the keys to those same doors to people from a culture that gives nothing in return for kindness.
But digging about a bit and it seems that the roots of all this cheap Russian gas pre-dates her by many years, back to decisions made in the 1970's in fact.
An interesting read.



She got away with devastating the German military when their defence minister, and blindly (or was she not indeed in on it) corruption at the IMF, as its head, so why shouldn't she get away with this clusterphuck too?

The reason Mutti put her forward for the EU job was to protect the wizard-sleeved trollop from going to jail: there were several criminal investigations about to start in Germany concerning how she awarded extremely lucrative but utterly useless contracts to consultancy firms.

Being President of the Commission gives her immunity for life from any charges that could arise from her activities before and during her time as President. To avoid jail, all she has to do after her term(s) end is not break the law again (or more realistically, not get caught), and sit back and enjoy her obscenely large pension.
This seems oddly familiar

"History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce"
This seems oddly familiar

History does seem to repeat itself.
A political party wants to use its power to disarm those who don’t believe in their doctrine…

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Wow. I was last in Germany what about 2010. it seemed much as I remembered from service days apart from Willie the taxi driver actually being Mohammed. First time in Bremen, fell in love with the place, town center is fantastic. Now, don't know if I'd actually want to go back in case of what I found...wonder how safe it really is.
History does seem to repeat itself.
A political party wants to use its power to disarm those who don’t believe in their doctrine…
My grandfather was quite keen on right-wing, nationalist, populist German parties being disarmed. Yours might, I guess, have had a different view.