What not to wear

No wonder our borders are non-existant if this is all the Border and Immigration Agency get up to.

I'll get me coat.
I just posted this reply on the BBC website although I won't hold my breath for them to display it.

Dress immigration officials as Mickey Mouse but with a nice soft beret and a pink cravat. How much more approachable and soft could you get. Indeed people would be queuing up to be deported. Although their illusions might get a little shattered when "Mickey" has to restrain an unhappy deportee and possibly use some physical force. What a waste of time!
"I can't imagine many deportation officers wearing pink, with the training they've had. A soft grey, a khaki, a sand colour, a washed out French navy or a steely blue would be nice. Perhaps smiley badges too."
... saying "You're a fecking illegal immigrant - now p1ss of out of our country ... have a nice day!"

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