What not to wear to a riot

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ADBO, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Despite being criticised as being a dinosaur and no follower of fashion, it gladdened my heart to see this fuckwit in Egypt:

    Egypt riots 2013: Rock-slinging protester caught with his pants down | Mail Online

    Hopefully, the linky thingy will direct you, dear readers, to a scrote chucking rocks at a "protest" in Egypt. Fingers crossed, they're not showing the next picture where he gets a plastic bulle tin the nuts for being a chimp.
  2. [​IMG]

    Laugh at your peril fools.

    To you, he may appear as an imbecile, but would an imbecile wear flip-flops to a riot? I reckon he's fucking nails.
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  3. Must be from one of the wealthier parts of Cairo, as he seems to be trying to launch an oyster shell.
  4. Call that a rock?
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  5. He can't tell his girlfriend that he's a commando rioter.
  6. He shall strike the fear of Allah into them with his Skidmarks!
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  7. There was an email doing the rounds during the last set of egyptian riots, showing the hadj's special talent at being thick as a tub of whale spunk.

    There were all kinds of ludicrous head gear being worn, a bowl, a piece of slab held on with a scarf, some empty water bottle tapped together to form a headband and my personal favourite a bread roll and 2 subs cling filmed to a guys head as protection........

    Fucking cunts.
  8. Where's the bloke in the red shirt gone?
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  9. Perhaps it was Thursday.
  10. honduras-gas-mask_1491205i.jpg
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  11. He was the first to be shot! ffs do you not remember the drill?
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  12. Wearing those shiny silver numbers on your shoulders is not a good idea in a riot.
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  13. And the correct numbers on your helmet is a hinderance as well.
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