What not to wear BBC1 8pm tonight

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by smoojalooge, Oct 26, 2005.

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  1. I believe this episode is filmed at 3 Div SR might be worth a watch for a bit of laugh
  2. Trinny and Suzannah do 3 Div? I'd pay good money to see THAT! :lol:

    (although if you have seen the trailer for this, wtf was that girl doing with her CD95 shirt fastened all the way up :?)

  3. watching it right now- dont recognise any one , although the qtr looks nice! her husbands nickname is "spuggy" anyone out there know him??
  4. Fcukin' loser - straight into the jack wagon!
  5. I know them both
  6. who this "spuggy" character?
  7. Mrs Tombs is watching as |I type, I have just had a quick peep at the telly to see some bint crying.................fcuking women! :x
  8. Susanah just got her arrse out. Sorted. I'll need to watch this more often
  9. i cant believe im watching this - i have just seen "trinnys" arrse and shes wearing a g string! the bint from the corps really has no confidence in herself .
  10. OMFG!

    Hilarious! How funny was that bird getting her arrse out? :D

  11. Why am not surprised. :D
  12. I've just had to slap myself....I've been watching the show and then thought "What the fcuk am I watching??!!"

    Who lured us here??
  13. It was Smooj :D Shall I set the dogs on him? ;)

  14. Release the hounds!
  15. Blame the missus! She scrubbed up OK though.