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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by woody, Mar 11, 2003.

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  1.   Having only recently  started using this board and having   seen in various comments by regulars that
    ta  buy too much kit . I thought  it would be an idea
    to  compare with what to buy  with what not  to buy .
      I   will now confess to some of the crap i have brought
    over the many years i have been in the ta.
      German para boots great boots way a ton though
      Hi tec Magnums  basically hi leg trainers great for running in unless you got to carry wieght and unless you buy symptex lined version say hello to  trench foot
    A chest rig great piece of kit if you allowed to use it
    my unit says not  :(
    camoflage wallets &maglites and zippos  put it down its gone
    i know mine did
    Fancy note book holders.  Stick note book in plastic bag
    easy to get  too more waterproof  lot cheaper
     pre packed first aid kits waste of money assemble own
    far cheaper  and more relevant to your needs
    finger tip  torches great idea  . lousy reality avoid
     A Big **** off knife / machete only get in trouble for having it and most of time is useless
    Survial tins  anyone every  use one for real ? apart from
    pulling matches out  for desperate smokers
      little braun electric razor okay for 5 aclock shadow
    not for morning  d.s. didnt think i had shaved well enough so ran  round field rifle overhead
     launched razor when i recovered.
        cheap daysac  buy something decent or use jetpacks
  2. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Sand if youre going Halal side
    Mud if you're a Salisbury planer
    Chocolate bullets!
    Soft Bog roll as you use twice as much, just find a slope of grass, drop yer paps and wheeeeeeeeeeeee!
  3. Never buy anything you can't get already from the QM.  Reason being if you lose it, you have to pay the full price for a replacement, as opposed to paying the Army price for losing isued kit, which is generally a lot less than comparable civvy kit.

    Boring I know, but it does show we either have no confidence in the issued stuff or are all fashion victims !
  4. "pay full price for replacement"... get a life - get insurance - and claim for everything
  5. anything made by webtex is not worth a w*nk! steer clear of this cack...

    i spent most of the last two years bounty on so called gucci kit, i think the only thing i have really seen any benefit / real use of is my lowa's! the rest just replaced kit i could get issued from my troop stores or sqms!

    classic case of all the gear no idea
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Wrong in so many ways...

  7. Are you the fcuking re-animator or what?

    What's with you digging up all these four year old threads?
  8. Very slow reader / not the wittiest replyer ever?
  9. Best piece of kit I have ever bought was a waiters bottle opener.
  10. Stay away from anything made by Highlander!
  11. My definitive young officer's guide to the kit that it's very important to have if you're going to cut a dash in the field.

    1. Umbrella, officer's, DPM.

    2. Orders book, A3, DPM/Olive. Takes a copy of the Daily Torygraph perfectly, leaving it dry and readable.

    3. Lumocolour, black, or chinagraph pencil for completion of crossword in item 2.

    4. Blacks sell an excellent black and green daysack which contains a complete four-person tea service and a bottle cooler.

    5. Pipe, straight stem. Must be straight-stemmed as a curved stem doesn't quite give you enough reach for tapping the middle of your platoon serjeant's chest when making a point about the importance of something which he seems to think is niff-naff and trivia, like subalterns actually being in charge.

    6. A decent cravat, in regimental colours.

    Purchase these items and you cannot fail to be remembered.

    Biffed and Swollen.
  12. Ref. Tartan_Terrier's post: some really old posts have some relevance and are available to be replied to and often get really witty comments like this one, which i thought was part of the fun of this site

    by far and away the funniest thing i have come across here is the photo gallery!
  13. rather...

  14. Unless you are a definitive young officer, that is a particulary split infinitive.

    C-, could do better.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Woody, remember when 5 Queens said you can buy chest rigs for fibua but you must wear them under the outer garment, smock or Noddy suit? Great eh?