what non infantry trades wear infantry head dress?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TartanTrooper, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. a few weeks ago i spotted a few agc clarks wearing TOS's is it just the AGC that wear head dress that isnt their own or is it all trades that are attached to the battalion that wear it?
  2. You usually wear the head dress of the unit you are attached to.
  3. Spot on
  4. Most normally do, however I'm sure there will be some exceptions such as regimental regulations, qualifications, short term attachment or stubborn buggers who don't or can't be bothered.

    Some on attachment from the other services wear their parent units headdress while others wear the unit headdress of the unit they are at.
  5. cool, cheers guys
  6. Isn't there an exemption that allows non-airborne chaps to choose not to wear that ghastly reddish coloured beret?
  7. We had a REME guy come to us for a while who'd been on attatchment hiding in bushes fixing gats for the boys from hereford who swanned around camp with his sand coloured one on. Right up until the stick man saw him, within moments a beret with the largest amount of material appeared and he was told to put that on and make the blue stable belt disappear at the same time.

    Sorry, it was funny at the time, I don't know where the hell that beret came from but it was bloody massive.
  8. Could be worse; might have to wear a light blue lid and get mistaken for a tech :)
  9. Our whole (Scottish) unit wear TOS's and we're R Signals.
  10. Guys attached to the Guards don't wear Bearskins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I thought any attached arms wore their Corps stable belt with a winged dagger buckle.
  12. Nope but they do wear khaki berets with blue red blue backing.
  13. Absolutely

    And full screws get their Lance Sergeant

  14. I have been baffled to see a female in a TA infantry Bn wearing an Inf cap badge. She WAS a medic as I understand it but now wears a green web belt, khaki beret and Inf cap badge.
  15. Sure it wasn't a male STAB with moooobs? :D