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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mapco, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. This may have been on here before but the other day the subject came up of people who have served but have never recived a medal because they were never in a current war zone.
    The biggest people to lose out are members or ex members of the tA who may have served for Years but never got a medal the only thing they have recived are the new vetrans badge hence these guys never bother to go to a remembrance day parade.
    What was even more sickning to these guys was the fact that Prince Edward attends with a chest full but quit the Army because he could not hack it
  2. Ther are so many errors in this statement that I can't even be...
  3. He quit the marines not the Army
  4. hmmm, my old man was a cold warrier, whose service included mostly drinking during the day at an abandonded rail depot and getting ripped off at brothels and he still has a fair few medals.
  5. So how come a lot of guys have not got medals ???
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Because they didn't go on any operational tours?

    Please bore off elsewhere and stop embarassing yourself with this drivel.
  7. What's your next question going to be Magnus?
  8. It was entirely possible to spend a short amount of time in the TA or a rather longer period in the Regs and, if one managed to avoid NI and CYP, not get gonged.

    Generally the TA were less likely to suffer - TEM was 12 yrs, rather shorter than for LS&GC.
  9. where do flies go when....ahh forget it.
  10. I hardley call his mum's silver and golden jubilee medals and some commonwealth piece of tin a 'chest full'

    FFS, if people want recognition, they should go on X-Factor!
  11. Prince Edward

    Let me do a recce on here for his military honours:

    KG: Knight of the Garter, 23 April 2006
    CVO: Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, 10 March 1989
    KCVO: Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, 2 June 2003
    ADC(P): Personal Aide-de-Camp to the Queen, 1 August 2004
    Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal, 10 March 1977 (before he joined up)
    Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal, 2 June 2002

    Honorary british military appointments

    Royal Honorary Colonel, of the Royal Wessex Yeomanry
    Royal Colonel, of the 2nd Battalion, The Rifles
    Commodore-in-Chief, of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary

    Commonwealth Realms

    Colonel-in-Chief, of The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment
    Colonel-in-Chief, of The Prince Edward Island Regiment[9]
    Colonel-in-Chief, of the Saskatchewan Dragoons

    Nope, cant see any operational medals there (he hasnt got any), so as its pretty common for members of the royal family to be awarded a sh1tload of different titles and awards..your rant about those who havent got OPERATIONAL medals are just not relevant in this case..are they??

    edit to add:

    Chest full of medals? ermmmm 1......2........3...

  12. Lot's more wars ...... sorry, Peace Support Operations
  13. I have an erstwhile RN colleague who after 25+ years in the RN has "just" got the Golden Jubilee medal. Just luck of the draw when it came to his various jobs and ship deployments.
  14. If you timed it right (wrong) it was quite possible to reach the rank of 3 star general without a single decoration of any description. I used to feel sorry for the bloke. Nuff said.
  15. Got my LS&GC pinned onto my chest last month by a RN Commodore ( I was gutted thought it might at least have been Lionel Ritchie) who only had Jubilee medal.

    Is anyone else worried about how many threads there are concerning medals? Why do people go on about it so much? Are we, the military, now part of the "bling" culture?