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Hi, Passed selection on 22nd April following a deferal for not havin perfect vision. (Im joining the AAC) I went to my careers office the day after and have been given my selection date, which due to the lack of places available in the AAC is not until 15th Sept 2008.
My careers officer said i now just need to wait for a conformation letter in the post at the end of August. Im just wondering why i havent been given any forms to sign or any other information regarding starting Phase 1. Is this the normal process when joining up?

Many thanks

Yeh i just seems a long time to wait until then end of August 2 weeks or so before i start phase 1. Also i read that once you have sucssesfully passed selection you have 15 days to officially sign up.
Ill Proberbly leave it a month then go back to careers office.
You will receive relevant documentation in due course including your attestation (oath) date. It's a matter of waiting, pain I know, but that's the way it is.

I recently attested (22nd), start basic on 12th May.
Just keep phoning your recruiter every three to four weeks to let him know your still keen and keeping out of trouble. I used to phone my applicants anyway in your position. Also let them know that if there are suddenly any sooner places that you would take it at short notice (if you wish) it does happen. Around a month before your due you should get called in to do a up to date docs check and be given your 271W (your copy of contract) joining instructions etc then they will give you details of anything else you need. Just stay out of trouble, stay fit and enjoy your freedom with your family so your focussed once you get in.

Well done for passing anyway.
I passed selection for the AAC at the end of January and my phase 1 date is end of July. Seems theres a bit of a wait to get into the AAC. I received a letter from the AFCO about 10 days after I passed selection. It was a pretty basic just saying well done, my phase 1 date, and that I should attend the AFCO 2 weeks prior to phase 1 to swear my oath of allegiance. I also received a copy of the contract, but this was for information only and no action was required. I tried to get my phase 1 date brought forward but was told that it was'nt possible and to wait until July. I know it seems like an age away when you first get your letter, but now I have got through 3 months with only another 3 to go. Just use the time to get your fitness up to scratch and you will be amazed how quickly the time goes.

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