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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by gaz764, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. I've just sat my BARB but because I only have a d grade at GCSE maths my first choice, RMP, isn't on the job list and my recruiter is trying to push me towards intelligence.

    I was only a few marks of a C at GCSE but due to being a moody teenager and having a very bad maths teacher I didn't do anything about it.

    I have A levels, a degree and at the moment I'm a college lecturer, all of which should have required GCSE maths but I've done equivalency tests to prove I am capable.

    Should I stick to my guns and try for RMP?
  2. Why not, or you could always study at home for a maths GCSE and do the exam in (June?) it's quite pricey but looks good if you've overcome a "problem" in order to join a specific trade
  3. Hang on, you have A levels and a Degree but you're being denied RMP because you failed to attain a C in GCSE maths?

    I take it you're trying to get in to RMAS?

    Your recruiter is having a lend; I would stick to my guns and push for my first choice if I was you.
  4. Your recruiter just needs to apply to the RMP SPSO in the first instance to see if they will 'shade' your application based on the fact you have other qualifications.

    However the decision to allow you to proceed with RMP selection will be down to the SPSO, the recruiter only has to ask and fight your case.

    The only MAQ requirement for Int Corps is a C in English.

    Sounds to me like its a case of the recruiter just wanting to sell you what is visibly available based on what you are definitely qualified for, its your application though and you should push for what you want ;)
  5. No I considered officer entry and was told by a Brigadier that he would be happy to shade the grade. I since decided to go in as a soldier for various reasons.

    Anyway I spoke to a captain at the AGC this afternoon and was told they weren't shading grades at the moment due to being oversubscribed basically so it looks like my only option is to go back to school.
  6. You could always join the Army in a different cap badge and then volunteer to transfer into the RMP, many have done that in the past and you are then judged on your career to date ;)

    In most cases a transfer to the RMP involves having an interview with your Officer commanding (normally the Major in charge of you), then a 3 month attachment (if accepted for possible transfer) with the local RMP Detachment/Company, if everything goes okay then its off to Police training and subsequent rebadge to RMP.

    nothing is impossible ;)
  7. Anyone else get the irony with this statement? :)
  8. (i did but didnt want to look like i was sniggering! :D )

    But it does strike me as strange that RMP need Maths and English and Int only need English ;)
  9. Have you tried NARIC?

    Its the organisation that looks at the equivalence of qualifications. Have you asked the AGC what the position would be if you can prove equivalence?