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Evening everyone,

So, I got the dreaded letter that I failed officer selection MB. I passed briefing with a cat.1 and got my head down and worked on every area covered by the board for the time period between the two. I gave it everything I could, but certain areas were just not up to officer level (essay, group tasks). With this in mind I come to the decision that I may struggle with the job, end up regretting it and leaving at the earliest point, I feel at this point im looking for a full career with the army. Another factor that has influenced my decision is my age. Im 24 and 6 month and it was suggested by several officer recruiters that I could do all this and still miss entry to Sandhurst and that the areas that needed work on realistically would take 12-18months for any effect.

Having always wanted to join the army from as far back as I can remember, my aspirations in life and skills that I believe I have that would be suited to army life I have decided to join as a regular solider. I have trawled through the internet, talked to serving and ex-soldiers and the AFCO about roles, regiments and the army in general and come to the decision that my three choices would be Armoured Eng, Light Gunner (RA) or Intel Op (not in any ordered) with Geo tech and recce tanks lingering around, however I feel Geo may be too office/indoor orientated for me.

In a nutshell, im basically asking for your opinions, pointers and anything else such as your own experiences that will help me in my decision making process.

Thanks in advance guys. ;-)
We hate these type of posts, we hate them a lot. There is plenty of info in the RE and RA forums on job roles have a read on those, it will give you a bit more insight for when you have a chat at the AFCO.
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