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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Brig89, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. I have been training for about a year now,really training not just messing about. I've got to a point where I don't seem to be getting any better. my last 1.5 miler was 7:34 down from 7:40 so it is still going down but very slowly. Is it just because im getting to my peak would you say or maybe I need something new? I do 4 sessions a week 2 hiit 2. 2 hour slow base runs. Press ups and sit ups every run day, One strength training session a week. Maybe I need to do more?
  2. From what I've gathered you had previously done approx. 3 months of basic training. From your experience were there any areas pertaining to PT you felt you could have improved? Upper body conditioning / circuit training? Hill walking with weighted rucksack?
  3. What are your goals?
  4. I did find the tabs hard but thats because im a skinny little thing, well only 11 stone and im 6ft 1 but i didn't find it that hard going. I did set myself goals but I've gone passed them now, is it realistic to aim for under 7 mins also I do about 80 press ups in 2 mins would like to improve that. My main goal is that when I was in basic last time I was pretty average fitness wise and fingers crossed I get another pop, I want to get best in PT. The tabs would be my weakest point but without putting on some weight I can't see that improving much or shoulld I add some tabs to my workout?
  5. Well to get below 7:00 your best bet would be to get some coaching: you are already probably a shoe in to be the fastest in your intake as anything below 8:00 is pretty rare. The cheapest way to get some coaching and some competition would be to join a running club.

    Tabbing is simply a matter of getting out there and getting miles beneath your feet - gradually upping both the mileage and the poundage (although not at the same time)

    Press ups - again just do lots - performing 3 x sets of relatively heavy bench press twice a week will help power you to the big numbers as well.
  6. I keep thinking about a running club maybe I should stop thinking and start doing. As for the bench press I used to do a lot of that a few years back but I've not done it since I did basic last year. The PTI's insisted it was no good for improving press ups and to just keep doing them. I haven't got a good pair of boots for tabs and with christmas coming up can't really aford any just yet would it still work in trainers or would you say i'd be wasting my time? thanks.
  7. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    You need 400m and 800m interval work to get to 7 mins, preferably on a running track and with a stopwatch. You can do this yourself, but in a club you'll have someone to make you try harder.
  8. Well, trainers are not ideal for tabbing but if you do not go above about 10kg in weight then you should be fine, depends on terrain as well though; don't head for any rocky or marshy areas without the correct footwear.

    As for bench press improving press ups; I have had good results with the bench press with guys who already have the muscular endurance to push out 70+ like yourself. The extra explosive power enables them to do them quicker and easier. Weighted press ups and clap press ups can help as well.
  9. I agree with BL here, the above workouts are devastatingly effective at bringing 1.5 mile times down.
  10. Cheers lads, I'll give the 800 meter intervals a go. I do 400m now 4 x 400 in 1:20 with 3 mins jogging between sprints then 4 x 200 in 40 seconds with 90 seconds rest. sorry to be a pain in the Arrse but could you tell me what time I should do 800 meters in and what rest to take. Should I just do twice my 400m time with say 5 mns jogging and do 3? Again sorry for all the questions and thanks for the info so far. I'm on a rest week because I've had a cold last few days (poor me) so i'm looking forward to getting back to it with the new stuff too I've been meaning to change things for a while.
  11. try 5 x 800m in 2:30 with 2:30 min rest and test and adjust from there.

    By the way, where did you do the 7:34? PFA course? Track? or just measured it yourself?
  12. I did it round the local park its 1.6 miles acording to the info on the website, it's a good mix of path and mud track with a small incline for 200m or so in the middle. I stop about 100m before the end of the lap and take my time from that so maybe im a few seconds faster or slower but it's as acurate as i can get without measuring it my self and i went to a pre selection a few months back and my time was pretty close to what i getting at home, I think it was 10 seconds faster on the pft. I know what you were thinking you thought I was one of those thick twats that measured their course wrong and was actually running a mile or so, had one of those last time I went to selection turned up going for para's with a run time of 8:10 or something and Finished in about 10( very entertaining to see his face drop to the ground when he finished and not something i'd like to experience). I'll give that a go see what happens, though maybe not till I've done a few good long runs to get my lungs cleared. Thanks for the advice pal i'll let you know when I break the 7 min barrier.