The No. 4 Handkerchief!

GCO seems to think that something to do with '"dignity" prevents him from producing this elegant accessory - please tell me you don't suffer from this problem! :D
A posing pouch, with cap-badge embroidered on the front.
DozyBint said:
The No. 4 Handkerchief!
I like the idea and I will investigate. It is, indeed, a difficult and expensive thing to undertake and therefore, I will have to look carefully into it

Were you trying to getme to rise to a challenge?? Well, I will see

I don't know if GBTD's CO or OC use this site but if so I beg you to give the boring tw*t some work to do and stop this unhealth obsession with all things number four. ':D'
goatbagthedruid said:
Were you trying to getme to rise to a challenge?? Well, I will see

Absolutely! After the fun you had with Mr. Sockmaker (ooooooerrrrrrrr!) I thought you'd enjoy the task of finding a manufacturer for the hankies! :D
In fact.....have No.4 boxer shorts been mentioned anywhere yet? Great for covert arrsers, where else is more appropriate for arrse colours?, and the brown stripes down them would afford you a few days extra wear without undue laundry embarrassment.

GBTD - How about you go out on the piss all night and sack off the curfew- that way you would get to wear your No 4 Dress!!!!
The handkerchief has been something under discussion for some time. The CO has ignored this, despite pressure- I believe he is trying to offload a little too much onto GBTD. Also, bear in mind we will not have a regular supplier (we are not in Cyprus forever). I imagine the CO could ask the company that does ties to look into it- they usually do it.

Perhaps Darth could exert a little Mod influence on the Boss?
I think a nice cravat to go with my smoking jacket would be in order.

also big animal feet slippers in the shape of MR potatoe head whould set things off nicely

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