What new Digital Compact camera

What is a good digital compact camera to replace a venerable N ikon 4300? I've no complaints about the picture quality but there are faults showing on the LCD display that don't even appear on the N ikon forums.
The shutter delay on the 4300 is very bad; press the release and ho-hum it takes the picture when it feels like it.
My film cameras, N ikon F3 and Yashica Electro 35, and the shutter release is almost instantaneous.
So is there now a digital compact with a decent shutter apart from the Leica offerings?
I had a Fuji that gave me no end of trouble - discharged batteries when switched off and the lens only came out when it felt like it and it finally gave up the ghost over Christmas. Tescos had a Samsung on offer just before the VAT went up (bizarrely, it's even cheaper now!) at half the price I paid for the Fuji. It's so easy to use even Madame mnairb can use it and on a recent trip to Venice became the official photographer (because everyone knows she takes better pictures, anyway). Small, compact and rugged and we are delighted with it (and no, I don't work for Samsung!).