What needs to be on a range card?


Giving a lesson next week to my section on platoon harbours but have nothing on "what exactly should be on a range card" - downloaded the template - but just looking for some help and maybe some new ideas.

thanks for your help/abuse in advance
I'm sure you'll get a DS answer on here but IMO the key is that it should be intuitive to use; both by the author and by others who might use it after. Obviously it should include key features that are clearly identifiable within arcs. Think about what it is for; eg, to assist the user in applying direct effect with his own assets or calling upon other to do similar with theirs (eg IDF). Ask whether the card will assist in doing this when under pressure. Its called a 'range card' for a reason; so it should include range info, especially where that info is directly applicable to the assets that are available (eg, if you have mor on call, think about predesignating DFs with radio scripts for each). Don't forget that what you can see on the ground might look different in different light/weather conditions (eg night).

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