What nasty mess kit

As someone who's interested in a career as an Officer, in the Int Corps, I was just wondering exactly what is wrong with the mess kit?   ???


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The colour. My dear, it's disgusting.

Seriously, it's the cypress green jacket. You can see these in at least four distinct shades - Hong Kong Tailor, Cyprus Tailor, Goldings and Uniformal. All vile.

Why/what attracts you to a career as an Int Corps officer?
But it has its uses - that careless miscue whilst playing snooker pissed, the sound of ripping baize, - then it's couple of pints to the Regt tailor to snip some cloth off the old jacket and do a quick invisible mend before the PMC finds out and you cop a huge bill. ::)


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This explains a lot about the interestingly courageous seamage I noticed on your Mess kit....
Hmm, and you thought it just another Uniformal bodge job  ;)


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Oh, my dear, Uniformal? How too, too, charmingly nouveau pauvre of you. You can't beat Yangos of Five Mile Point, Famagusta (well, Vryssoules, actually, but let's not quibble).
Now if I have read the Corps history correctly, and I admit some of the longer words did cause me trouble, the mess kit dates from the time of the Indian muntiny (1857 ish).

Apparently an undercover int officer (dressed in mufti and speaking the local lingo) called H Flashman managed to sneak into the beseiged British garrison at Cawnpore or Lucknow (cannot remember which).

Due to the state of his clothes, which were not befitting an English gentleman, the CO's wife decided to make him a new jacket.  The only material available was the baize from the snooker table, a lovely shade of cypress green, which she used to fashion the jacket.

Lucky Flashman was one of the few survivors of the seige and went on to have an illustrious career in the Corps. ;)
as someone who decided against your corps after accepting a university cadetship commission i recommend that you lose the grey bits that i am sure flashman would have loathed and replace them with black, could almost look acceptable.  which lunatic decided that grey would set off cypress green well??  please make some sort of amdt quickly as the mess kit tends to make me want to throw up.
how else are we going to get rid of this Hants and Dorset Omnibus Company surplus uniform stock????
I'll have to ask the Editor

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Tish and nonsense. It's a fine mess kit. At least it is distinctive, not a boring variation on scarlet and black that the lower regiments all wear.

Worn with pride.
Don't forget an excellent selection of second-hand items available from ICA. Can't think why my 32 " waist mess kit is still on the rack?
my waist was 29" when i joined 16 years ago.

i think it's pretty much the same now, but i can't see the end of the tape measure in amongst the folds to confirm this :)


I was informed that the Grey in the kit is because Int is never black and white - therfore Grey.

Is this Correct?

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