What name now! Rifleman or Them Rifles.


Solum unum botellus, o cunnus.
(Obviously with the the habitual vulgar vocative at the end.)
Google translate interpretation, "Only one pudding, oh vulva".:?
That’s because it wasn’t given it’s own identity from the outset. Even the poor decisions they made were shit:

Five (six) mottos to choose from

Sua Tela Tonanti - To the Warrior his arms. (RAOC)

Nil Sine Labore - Nothing Without Labour (RCT)

Labor omnia vincit - Work conquers all. (RPC)

Ubique - Everywhere (RE)

Quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt - Where Right and Glory Lead (RE)

We Sustain (ACC).

No offence to the ACC, but I feel a motto is quite important and that is the shittest motto in the history of shit mottos. Which fücking turnip came up with that for the RLC.
That is not, was not, the RCT motto :( .

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Wouldn't it be easier to call her dominatrix?
Remember when newspapers used to have porn phonelines advertised?

Quite often had a picture of a harsh looking boot and the word 'Discipline' in Gothic characters underneath it.
On the brave the Regulating office had 'Discipline office' as its label on the door.

I may or may not have been given 'words of advice' after it got out that I may have stuck one of those adverts on the office door.
A pet peeve of mine, too. Jupiter's missiles to the thunderer was (to my mind) the obvious motto if we were to keep any remnant of the forming corps.

Slapping five cap badges atop each other just reeks of disagreement, but I'm unsure as to just what I'd have designed had I been on the committee - pretty hard to unify such a large, unwieldy corps at the best of times.

I’m sure Stobarts could come up with something for it’s paramilitary wing.


Let the arguing over rank names carry on.............

In the not too distant future there could also be a debate on the change of crown shape to beret badges, royal mail logos, police badges and emblems, court badges, home office badges........the list goes on and on :)

As for a neutral name..........cannon fodder seems to fit the bill.
Google translate interpretation, "Only one pudding, oh vulva".:?
That Google!
‘Botellus’ was actually the skin containing the ‘stuffing’ or ‘farciminus’ of a sausage. Over time, ‘botellus’ became the popular word for ‘sausage’, especially in the legionnaires’ mensa (cookhouse).
I used the vernacular word as more appropriate and because the word ‘botulism’ derives from ‘botellus’ - a longer story: No offence to ACC Arrsers intended.


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Mistress-in-arms sounds more cosy.
I have worked with a female MAA who was comfortable with the designation of Master at Arms.
I have this suspicion - and it's just a suspicion - that anyone who is worthy of the rank is less concerned about the titular accuracy of the rank.

Rifleman, proununced 'Riflemun', to me, is about the personification of a set of skills. Gender doesn't even come into it.

Said as the son of a former Rifleman.
The new MOD diversity chief will look into changing military titles and ranks to be more inclusive to gender neutral beings.

So maybe the rank of Rifleman will now change to Them Rifles.

Easy - bondook, gender neutral and multicultural…



I look forward to the Royal Navy creating the female equivilent of Master-at-arms. Mistress-at-arms.

Safeguard - Chief Petty Officer Police.



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