What must fall to make us forget slavery?

Wait for it . . . from 1:15 . . .

Another brother is gunned down by the po-lice just innocently shooting a them while they arrest another totally innocent brother for triple homicide.

Brother of Hakim Littleton speaks out, wants meeting with Detroit city officials
Plus a sister was 'executed' in her bed by police in Kentucky.

Police state that her boyfriend fired at police as they forcibly entered her flat, her family says the boyfriend was being a manly hero and fired just a warning shot.

Listen from 1:37:12. The guy they're interviewing is George Floyd's lawyer, so as you would guess he's slightly biased

Sky news this morning informs me that a spike in Covid 19 in some town up North was due to the inhabitants not understanding the Government advice, as no translation of the advice has been provided.
On a positive note, the infected are highly unlikely to stray more than a few streets away.
I blame those racist road signs.
Damani Bryant Felder witnessed a Spontaneous BLM Protest in Downtown Dallas. They ruined a perfect evening.

Never mind bleating into your phone, fella. Put it away, put your fists up, and punch the living fcuk outta the white trash snowflakes that have ruined your family's evening. Then, follow up with plenty of steelcap soup.


I avoid German motorways - in solidarity for French slave Labour denied brie and vin rouge during their construction.
Colston statue in Bristol torn down. A statue of some random black lass snuck onto its plinth this morning.

Personally I'm getting sick and fecking tired of all this BLM bullshit. Break the law, it's OK coz I'm black innit.

These BLM muppets are playing right into the hands of people like National Action etc etc... They'll be fermenting hatred of BAME citing things like this, saying its destroying British culture and that they are a threat to our way of life.
Echoes of Germany circa 1933. How many young, gullible and impressionable youths will be swept up in the whole XRW political slant and be sucked into committing criminal acts for that cause.

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