What Music Are You Listening To?


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...And Here Come The Nice......




probably posted before.....


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Candi Dulfer getting all funky

heard this on the car radio yesterday ....now my ******* earworm



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It all counts ...when you're Big in Argentina....

great crowd.
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I was in a very bad mood today, and this song came on the radio. After only 3 minutes, I had gone from being a miserable cunt to being in a happy mood, laughing, and a bit of a spring in my step.
I can't hear that now without thoughts of my prawn cocktail attacking me. Thanks Beetlejuice.
Oh arrrse. I just checked the clip and it's 'Day-O'. Shake Senora appears at the end.
Couldn't think of a better place to put this. Radio 2 are currently trailing a programme about how The Beatles had a big resurgence in 1996. It's being hyped like it was a massive thing.
I have absolutely no memory of anything like that.

One of the classics from the KPM Music Library. Supposedly used extensively on 70s European films of "specialist" interest.
Downloaded some of their stuff today.....really like this one......

An absolute fecking classic. Even if much of his other music's rubbish, he deserves a place in the proverbial hall of fame for Season of the Witch alone.

Alan Hawkshaw, from the KPM library. Ought to be featured in some late 60s film with mini skirts and loon pants.

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