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What Music Are You Listening To?


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from my hirsute yoof

Not quite as moving as the Band of the Scots Guards on 11/11 but a damn decent version though
Then I came across this, a bit longer, but for anyone who like me was an ELP fan, worth a watch:

Whispering Bob Harris "Pour another pale ale and put your feet up, just sit back and enjoy".
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Don’t suppose anyone has a copy of Mickey Jupp Juppanese on cd. If it’s a copy I’ll happily sling a donation to their favourite charity.


Thank you, bought it.
How on Earth I missed it I don’t know. I hunted Amazon and discogs too. Having exhausted attics and garages.
Many thanks again.
You're welcome Mukker.
Sem to remember someone looking for this a while back in the thread it's excellent driving music and quite different from what you would expect it's electro synth.