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What Music Are You Listening To?


Not so much a piece of music, more like 2hrs of sublime recordings today, not the normal daily Hall of Fame choices! Sunday 5pm to 7pm presented by David Mellor. The piece today, that had me sit and listen was - Nuns' Chorus, Johann Strauss (II).... soloist - Joan Sutherland. An old recording, still so enjoyable.


Book Reviewer
The mildly incendiary Rammstein, with their home crowd :

...eta: and an example of anime music video (AMV) using their track 'Moskau'



Got to agree with you - that is a cracking selection @morsk. Especially Erin Mckeown - I had never heard of her but that song is awesome and I will definitely be tracking down more of her stuff.
Distillation is the album you want. It is really really good - and she is lovely too


A folk tip tonight eh @morsk?
Super stuff man, a pleasant change!
Yeah man, busy week with this and that. Cup of tea and a relax with the Morskettes in bed, just me and Mrs Morsk relaxing to folk music, as Sidmouth was cancelled this year, we have to get our own fix hahaha

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