What Music Are You Listening To?

Now you might think you're just being uber-hip here...but I recently sang that at a Burns Night :-D

Errm....further to [Pinback's] post /|\ , I happened across the official video for Rammstein's latest ouvre.

( By eck, they haven't soft pedalled the 'Weird' in their old age.....)

Uber- hip? I'm 66 and have several traditional Scottish music cd's in my collection, including this one. This has been a favourite of mine since my youth. Well done to you for performing it live though ;)

That is some video offering by Rammstein though. They never disappoint


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As an auld feller you're forgiven....and i had a hoot not doing Andy Stewart justice :) Aye, in ma tartan waistcoat tae boot. I'd forgotten his credit-worthy impression of the late King in the second half.

And ...in one of those effortless segues for which Torn City Hospital Radio is rightly famed...I thought of this:

I remember hearing this for the first time ( probably early 70s ) and thinking what a departure it was.


I used to think Ofra Haza's wailing spoiled the remix of Temple of Love although I liked her as a singer but I've been listing to the Sisters compilation album Some Girls Wander by Mistake on my phone and it seems I've softened with age. Ofra was an interesting woman she served with the IDF, recored albums in Hebrew and Arabic, sang in the Eurovison Song Contest, had a No 1 song banned on Israeli radio and had a park named after her, she died of an AIDS related illness in 2000 having contracted HIV from her husband. her late 80's to mid 90's stuff is worth a listen.

She did some proper dancey stuff

Have this one from the Sister of Mercy, it's not their best but the first line is, "twenty five whores in the room next door" so whats not to like.





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Beautiful bit of Tex-Mex from the amazing Ry Cooder. Song was also re-hashed by Willie Nelson. Thirty years on , it has a message which still resonates.

The Spanish section is sung by the late Harry Dean Stanton - Kelly's Heroes, Alien etc. Rest in Peace.

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