What Music Are You Listening To?


That's nothing , I luvs the beat and melodies of this song .. They are one of my Guilty pleasures.

Easy to take the pish out of the BeeGees but people forget about all the hits they wrote but didnt perform.....


I've been known to make a few women a bit shouty - I have found that they have a different, less well developed sense of humour than most men ... as for reasoning skills?
True. but they are totally hairless and smell fcukin pretty too, so swings and roundabouts right


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Thanks to the wonders of YouTube I recently discovered this blast from the past. 1971 living in an 8 man spider hut with like-minded young chefs. All piss artist headbanging loons enjoying life.
I give you Sarabande by Beggars Opera. Got it playing right now.

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