What Music Are You Listening To?

The saltarello was a lively, merry dance first mentioned in Naples during the 14th century. The music survives, but no early instructions for the actual dance are known. It was played at births as well as funerals. It welcomed in the new to this world and also saw out the old. It was supposed to encapsulate the totality of life. Birth and Death.

A joyous but foreboding dance. A jig to be played at a wake.

Favored son
Turn in the garden
Shades of one
Sins forgotten
Favored signs to find hope
In the rounds of life
Favored rhymes to find hope
In the sands of life
Favored son Fence in your heart
Saviored son
Sins forgotten.
Oh man, the Bytches are back in town!

It's a new day.

Very excited about working with these Bytches. An offshoot of N.W.A. (Niggas With Attitude). N.W.A - Wikipedia

No, really.

BWP has VERY Explicit Lyrics, these girl rappers are like 2LiveCrew, eXXXplicit lyrics! Bytches With Problems, is a female rap band that was a ladies version of NWA, Niggas With Attitude combined with 2 Live Crew. This is an hour-long mix of the 1991 album The Bytches.

I think it's best if we don't judge each other on colour of skin or gender.

Bytches With Problems are the result of that attitude.

Lap it up!
Think Sluggy would appreciate the unicorn onesie

I got home on Tuesday and found the current mrs_mush watching the end of the Glenn Campbell biopic "I'll be me" and listening to the closing track with a tear rolling down her cheek;

It was obviously very dusty in the house that day, or it might have been the fact that we'd seen GC in Brum on his last tour back in 2011 and the Alzheimers was very obvious even then
As showcased on Rick Stein's Secret France the other night. Gorgeous food, gorgeous song



Kipper Family
Jeebus. The Kipper family.... 'Father' and son act from Norfolk. That was their schyick if I remember right. Was the 'old' man Sid Kipper? I have not seen them in years. Dogs what I had got was always my favourite of theirs


War Hero
Winston was one of those original Rude Bwoy Singers ...part time gangster /part time 'Toaster'....

Hook yourself up ....

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