What Music Are You Listening To?


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Am I going to Hell? I was thinking about the destruction of Nôtre Same cathedral. I'm no fan of French Gothic Architecture, but this popped inside my head (SWIDT?).

This lady is a dear old friend since 1992..Slovak-Hungarian, with the emphasis on Hungarian...brilliant singing voice..been on TV in Slovakia countless times...funny thing is, she can't speak a word of English !!!!You wouldn't believe it the way she knocks out the lyrics.

This is one of my best mates in Slovakia...self-written song taking the mick out of the police. Dunno why he had to use cutouts of AKs..there's no shortage of them around town !!!!

A bit of AC/DC. Done on the oddest instruments - feck off big cellos.


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Feet from Fat White Family's new album Serfs Up

I saw then backing up John Cale for the 50th anniversary of The Velvet Underground featuring Nico, Serfs Up is a pretty decent album.

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