What Music Are You Listening To?

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We were trying to get our grandson Jack to say his name today and I remembered this classic from the 60’s. Fabulous pop song, but what are those lyrics about?!

Our Jack loved it by the way! :grin:
What super secret video did you just upload? Said it was not available in my country.....
I didn't! I've posted a screenshot of what I saw when I tried to play the video you uploaded. See my edit.
Just found this theremin performance of The Ecstasy of Gold on YouTube. It’s reminiscent of a violin and a woman’s voice, but what struck me was how close it sounds to the original version of the vocals performed by Edda Dell’Orso.


Less for the music, and more for the video (from Bob Fosse directed film Sweet Charity) it was paired with. Much Sixties oddness.
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as someone observes in the comments: 'Why did God/the gods give all the talent to one man?', leaving the rest of us to flap around helplessly in his wake.

Whopper......don't think Miles Davis is on it tho'?
Getting in the mood for the weekend