What Music Are You Listening To?

Quite a collection, though a way to go to catch me.
Why have you not joined the vinyl addicts group? Or is vinyl not your thing.
digitising is as you say handy for finding things (I have Mike Harding's Captain Paralytic and the Brown Ale Cowboy too) but don't stop collecting hard copies as digital copies are just not the same Mukker.
Gods Holy Trousers! That sounds like a truly special collection!! I am not really in to vinyl to be honest. Never have been. Its too fragile, to heavy, too slow for me. I was more into tapes back in the day. Always had a walkman on. With digital recordings you can just leave in all that 'warmth' that you vinyl junkies love. Im going to let the collection collect dust then give it to my boys I think. There is no way Mrs Morsk will give me a room to put it in! Hahaha. Not a worry you have......

I love Capt Paralytic. Rosie Cheeked Girls is probably my fave. I love the story about holidays in Spain too. "Eyup, big knacklers" Priceless.
"The sound of Silencce2... by Simon and Daft Uncle....

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