What Music Are You Listening To?

Listening to:
It's caper time
Get a bloomin' move on

Two songs just about all of you will know very well, but may think they were called something else!

Oh, you're right about that. Interesting. And now I'm listening to the first one.

I thnk I messed up with the link in the earlier post.
Trying again.

Sir Reginald's Marvelous Organ
And possibly the happiest choon ever...

Thanks for the reminder. Going through a difficult time at the moment & that's one of my happy songs :)

No, I don't know why YouTube recommended this one. But it's hilarious.
Sifting through one of my record boxes gave me the opportunity to revisit the Aphex Twin's "26 Mixes For Cash" yesterday. For those unaware of his stuff, he specialises in Electronica, Dance and mostly Ambient music. 26 Mixes contains some magnificent remixes of obscure tunes by relatively unknown artists, as well as a few of his own too. There are also a few well established artists who have their tunes reworked, my favourite being 808 States "Flow Coma", what Mr James does with that track is simply brilliant...But that could equally apply to any of the tracks, dependent on you personal preference?

If you get the chance, give it a go, his IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) is well worth it, as is his "Ambient Works 85-92" album!
A classic one this time, a bit of reggae from the master:

Jimmy Cliff and Peter Tosh are great too, but Bob Marley is the king.

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